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The following table describes the new features introduced in Traps agent 5.0.7 release.


Hardened Passwords Using PBKDF2 Encryption For increased security, the Traps agent uninstall password is now encrypted using a stronger encryption algorithm (PBKDF2) when transferred between Traps management service and the Windows agents. Traps management service automatically applies the stronger algorithm to the password for new installation packages (no password reset is required). The stronger encryption helps prevent attempts to obtain the password.
Content Update Distribution Enhancement To reduce bandwidth load when distributing the latest content update, the Traps agent now staggers the time at which it will retrieve the content update from Traps management service. When a new content update is available, Traps agents randomly choose a time within a six hour window to retrieve the content update. This prevents bandwidth saturation due to a high volume and size of content updates.


NOTE: This maintenance version mostly addresses issues for endpoints running Windows XP or Vista OS. We recommend that you review the issues that were resolved in this release, and upgrade if you think it will benefit your users. If you already have Traps version 5.0.6 fully deployed in environments that do not include Windows XP or Vista, you may not be affected by upgrading to this maintenance version.


Stay on top of things and bookmark the Traps Agent release notes page:

Traps Agent Release Information


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