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Introducing New Platinum SupportIntroducing New Platinum Support

Palo Alto Networks introduces Platinum Support for customers to provide the highest level of support available by Palo Alto Networks. Read about the customer-focused features that are included in Platinum Support and how it can enhance your support experience. 


Say Hello to Platinum Support by Palo Alto Networks


At Ignite '19 Europe, Palo Alto Networks introduces the new Platinum Support offering to the world.


Christian Hentschel, SVP of EMEA announced at Ignite Europe the new platinum support offering.Christian Hentschel, SVP of EMEA announced at Ignite Europe the new platinum support offering.Support is something that we all have to deal with on a day-to-day basis. Whether it's support you get from our online resources or from our dedicated support staff, all of us at Palo Alto Networks work very hard to solve customers' daily challenges.


With the new Platinum Support, we are taking our support commitment to the next level. Since cloud security is evolving, the way we offer support to customers must evolve as well. Not only is Platinum Support a higher level of support with preventative thinking and ways to improve your current security stance, it is also a way to show how  we truly want our customers to be secure and protected from threats that loom.


Platinum Support Features


The new Platinum Support offering is composed of three key elements:

  1. Enhanced Support Response Time 
    Platinum Support provides our fastest response time with a dedicated team of senior engineers to resolve support issues that includes a 15-minute response time for severity 1 issues. 
  2. Security Assurance 
    In the event of suspicious activity on a your network, Security Assurance gives access to our security experts with unique threat intelligence tools, security recommendations, and best practices for the customer’s Palo Alto Networks footprint.
  3. Expert Assistance 
    Our professional support engineers can assist with pre-scheduled event support, on-site assistance, and failure analysis to ensure you're getting the most from your security investment.


Platinum Support covers VM-Series, Next-Generation Firewalls, and Panorama. 


Additional Information

For even more information about the new Platinum Support, please see the following links: 

Platinum Support Overview.
New and Enhanced Palo Alto Networks Support Offerings Elevate the Customer Experience


Best Practices Assessment (BPA) Tool

Along with Platinum Support, we also want to remind you about the Best Practices Assessment (BPA) Tool. 


The Best Practice Assessment evaluates configurations, identifies risks and gives recommendations for how you can address potential risks in your network. The assessment compares current configurations to Palo Alto Networks best practices and produces a guide to which best practices are, and are not, being utilized. This guide includes details of best practice recommendations per feature.


For more information on the BPA tool, including a BPA interpretation video library, please see the following:

Best Practice Assessment Resource Page

The Best Practice Assessment (BPA) tool for NGFW and Panorama


Security Assurance

As if the BPA tool wasn't enough, we have also created "Security Assurance" in case you detect suspicious activity in your network. Security Assurance provides extra help from Palo Alto Networks when you need it the most, including:

  • Access to Palo Alto Networks security experts and their specialized threat intelligence tools and threat hunting practices.
  • Advanced log and Indicators of Compromise (IOC) analysis.
  • Configuration assessment that includes customized product security recommendations.
  • Next-step recommendations to expedite the transition to your incident response (IR) vendor to help manage and resolve the incident.

To take advantage of Security Assurance, you must subscribe to the Premium Support Contract (on or after November 1, 2019) or to the Platinum Support Contract.


For more information about Security Assurance, please visit Security Assurance in TechDocs.


All of these tools, Platinum Support, BPA, and Security Assurance work together to provide you with the best support possible.


We hope that our support stands out from the competition, just like our security products.


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Stay Secure,
Joe Delio
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