Next Week: Nutanix’s Virtual .NEXT Digital Experience Event

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Next week, Nutanix is hosting their annual Global .NEXT Digital Experience event—of which Palo Alto Networks is a sponsor—and it’s chock-full of informative sessions hosted by industry experts that you won’t want to miss. 


One session we hope you join is “Mind the Zones When Securing Your Flows,” hosted by Palo Alto Networks Partner Engineer Lead Steven Riley. The recorded session will cover how  Nutanix Flow and Palo Alto Networks NGFW VM-Series can help you achieve your Zero Trust goal—quickly and seamlessly, at that.


What is Nutanix Flow? 


Nutanix Flow is a feature built into AHV that allows both individual and grouped VMs to control and inspect traffic types across virtual infrastructures via their security policies. Nutanix Flow can be enabled on your AHV clusters right from Prism Central (a multi-cluster manager). 


Before enabling this feature, you’ll want to ensure you have a firewall that inspects traffic and that you understand microsegmentation; this will ensure the highest level of security and protection. You can head to Prism Central Settings, check Enable Microsegmentation, and click OK to utilize Nutanix Flow.


What is microsegmentation?


Today’s hybrid cloud architectures have changed the way we approach security and network traffic flow. The north-south perimeter is too-often ignored in most traffic flows; plus, a single server can host hundreds of workloads with hundreds of corresponding unique security requirements and policies, creating a difficult workload. 


When we implement microsegmentation, we can achieve a ZeroTrust approach using Palo Alto Networks’ VM-Series to monitor and regulate traffic meant to flow between the VMs as directed by the Nutanix Flow and firewall.


Here’s an illustration of the north-south security boundary, with a wide open east-west posture:


Traditional Perimeter-Based Security




The marriage of Nutanix Flow and Palo Alto Networks VM-Series enables granular monitoring of control over your environment’s network activity. As you can see in the below model, there are no unsolicited traffic flows:


Application-Level Microsegmentation




When we implement microsegmentation, we can implement a ZeroTrust approach with the Palo Alto Network VM-Series to monitor traffic, as well as ensure only traffic only meant to flow between the VMs is directed accordingly using Nutanix Flow and the firewall.

Why secure East West traffic in your Hypervisor?


Without proper safeguards, attackers can abuse a lack of east-west traffic visibility to move laterally around the network once they get past the perimeter firewall. Threat actors generally move laterally in one of two ways: scanning for open ports and/or known security vulnerabilities; and infecting machines with malware via phishing campaigns. 


These types of attacks can be prevented by using Nutanix Flow and Palo Alto Networks VM-Series. Learn more about how to use “Mind the Zones When Securing Your Flows” using Nutanix Flow and Palo Alto Networks NGFW VM-Series at next week’s Global .NEXT Digital Experience event!

Check out the full agenda and register for the Global .NEXT Digital Experience 2021 event now.


We’ll “see” you there. 


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