Quickplay Solutions: What Is It and How Can It Help You?

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Hello everyone,

I have written about Quickplay Solutions in the past, but I want to take a second and explain more about the benefits of Quickplay Solutions and how it can help you implement Palo Alto Networks devices.


What is Quickplay Solutions?


Quickplay Solutions main page showing the different areas on that page.Quickplay Solutions main page showing the different areas on that page.


Quickplay Solutions houses a collection of pre-builtready-to-use content to deploy, configure, exercise and assess a security infrastructure. The goal is to provide 'easy button' solutions that save time and align to recommended practices. Included are a mix of community developed templates, playbooks, skillets, and scripts supporting a variety of use cases.


Often described as records played on various applications or record players, skillets are contained collections of information with a mix of variables, content, and playback instructions contained as metadata.


Skillets offer an open-source model for information sharing across a wide array of tasks and use cases. They can be used for NGFW and Panorama configuration, data capture and validations, device instantiation, or a combination of tasks as workflows.


Skillets are categorized in three fundamental ways:

  1. Type: based on what they do; examples include 'panos', Panorama, Python, Terraform, validation

  2. Collection: how they are tagged and grouped based on use cases or actions

  3. Tier: based on maturity and trust in the community as certified, community, or personal


How can Quickplay Solutions help me?

Whether you are brand new or a seasoned security engineer, Quickplay Solutions has something for you.


Because the Quickplay Solutions skillets that are used are like records, you can play them and quickly implement new options and configurations that would take a lot of time to research. This is where the skillets come in to ensure that it is asking you for all of the information needed so it is configured correctly the first time. This is a time saver and can help save many headaches along the way, especially if you miss a step along the way.


In the Quickplay Solutions page, there are the following sections to help:

  • How To: This is where the How To documents are help, from an overview of using skillets, to installing and getting started with Panhandler
  • Quickplay Solutions Articles: This is where all of the articles reside for documentation of features
  • Quickplay Solutions Videos: This is where all of the videos for Quickplay Solutions reside
  • Quickplay Solutions Resources: This is where you will find additional links to resources to help get the most from Quickplay Solutions
  • Quickplay Solutions Discussions: This is where everyone goes to ask questions and to help get support for Quickplay Solutions, as Palo Alto Networks does not support this product, it is community supported as everyone can help support working together
  • Quickplay Solutions Blogs: This is where you will read about new features or different blogs on using Quickplay Solutions


How do I find the Quickplay Solutions page?

Quickplay solutions can be found under Collaboration > Quickplay solutions


Be sure to check out the Quickplay Solutions page out here to learn more and get the most from this great tool!


Demo Video

Here is a demo video of using Quickplay Solutions and showing XML basics..



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Stay Secure,
Joe Delio
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