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Want to enable more flexible rules during lunch breaks or during weekends? Did you even know that it's possible to schedule rules on a daily or weekly basis? 


Policy Rules on a Schedule !Policy Rules on a Schedule !



 It's actually a question that pops up once in a while in TAC or even on our Discussions Forum, as displayed below:





User Esteban.Dambrain was asking the exact same question not that long ago and both @reaper and myself reacted to Esteban's post.


In short, yes, it is perfectly possible to allow sessions during a period of time and then reblock the access automatically outside the timeframe.


To do so, you will need to add schedules to your rules.  Adding a schedule is as easy as pie! Simply log into your firewall GUI and browse to Objects > Schedules.


Add ScheduleAdd Schedule

Alternatively, you can create your policy rule first and on your rule's Actions tab, you can also create a new schedule. Either method works fine.


Security Policy Rule ActionsSecurity Policy Rule Actions




As you can see from the screenshots, you can have Daily, Weekly, or Non-recurring schedules.  While it is very easy to set up a schedule, once your schedule spans multiple days, there's a little trick you'll need to apply.  No fear, everything is covered in more detail in the following articles :


How to Schedule Policy Actions

How to Create a Schedule that Spans Two Days


Thanks for reading, and as always, feedback, questions and comments are most welcome!


-Kiwi out!

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