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Second Watch at Palo Alto Networks.Second Watch at Palo Alto Networks.


What Is Second Watch?

Second Watch by Palo Alto Networks is a new, no-cost, cybersecurity training and certification initiative for military veterans entering the cybersecurity industry.


Our mission at Palo Alto Networks is to make each day safer and more secure than the one before. And we do this by embracing our company values—disruption, execution, collaboration, integrity, and inclusion. Coincidentally, many military veterans have already incorporated these values into their lives and contribute to our mission, which is why we are giving back through Second Watch.


Second Watch provides veterans with hands-on practice labs to build muscle memory and arm them with practical cybersecurity skills. Whether transitioning to the civilian world happened yesterday or four decades ago, veterans are needed to help fight the global threat of cyber-attacks.


How Can Second Watch Help Veterans Get into Cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity encompasses the technologies, practices and people working together to secure information in the digital age. Veterans have unique experience that transitions perfectly into successful careers in cybersecurity. Second Watch provides the necessary training through a predetermined skills learning path to help veterans turn their innate values into careers in cybersecurity.


In today’s widespread use of mobile apps, cloud computing, and connected devices, there is a massive demand for people who understand how to respond to threats and prevent successful attacks. 


Second Watch Free Training and Free Certification

Yes! The Skills Learning Path covers 10 self-paced steps that guide veterans through free digital learning courses. Along the way, veterans will have the opportunity to take the Palo Alto Networks Certified Network Security Administrator (PCNSA) exam. After completing the free online courses, the end of the path will lead Veterans to the opportunity to take the Palo Alto Networks Certified Security Engineer (PCNSE) exam. Upon completion of the courses and verification of your veteran status, Veterans will be offered vouchers to take a free exam for each of our certifications—PCCSA, PCNSA, and PCNSE. Veterans will also be able to find free veteran employment resources in the Second Watch FAQ.


Becoming a Palo Alto Networks Certified Security Administrator will help fast-track your career into the rapidly growing, challenging, and rewarding field of cybersecurity by allowing you to demonstrate the ability to configure and effectively deploy a Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Firewall.


For more information about Second Watch, please visit their community page: Second Watch Veterans Network.


To get in contact with our veterans recruiting staff, please send an email to or you may visit the Second Watch Discussion forum to post your questions.

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Registered and spent many minutes trying to log onto learning center and being sent in an error-circle. Supervisor was not impressed with the site's refusal to allow me access. Suggested I try elsewhere.
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@JohnInDC , I am sorry to hear that you had a problem with the learning center login. 

First steps I would recommend is to email and  let them know what is going on.


Second thing is to visit the Learning Center FAQ page here:


I hope this helps.

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did this get cleared up for you? Because it is happening to me too.

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Renegadeyankee73 - Same-same.  I got two emails today saying it was fixed, then a third from the help desk saying I didn't have an account and they would set it up.  Looks like they're just trying to string people along for clicks.  Sent the following to the edu center help desk today:


I got an email from the edu folks saying this was solved.  It’s not.  Many veterans are experiencing the same frustration.  Is you Cyber Academy a legitimate offer or a marketing ploy?


Here’s what I see when I try to log on

Login Error

Sorry, your login attempt failed. If you don’t already have an account click here to register.

If you believe you already have an account and need assistance, please contact us at



Sent from Mail for Windows 10


So I assume I have no account and hit HERE and get


× Account already exists in the system. Please click here to login.

Register to the Palo Alto Networks Learning Center

  So I DO have an account, so I hit HERE


Sign On Error

No value found for SAML_SUBJECT when building the assertion from name/value pairs: {SAML_AUTHN_CTX=urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:2.0:ac:classes:unspecified, SAML_NAME_FORMAT=urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:1.1:nameid-format:unspecified}

You do not have access to this resource or an error occurred during the login process. Please see if you continue to have problems.

Adapter: PANIdpOpenToken2

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I am sorry to hear that you are having issues logging in.  

This is something that we really do not control.. but the Cyber Academy is legit, and works.


But if you are having issues logging in, please email the Education group at

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funny thing is that i have paloalto firewall in my network. i would love to get this cert....and jdelio, i have emailed your edu-learning@paloalto email address

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Hello @JohnInDC and @renegadeyankee73,

I appreciate you both bringing this issue to our attention, and I'm deeply sorry to hear about the difficulty you are both having with signing in. Hopefully, the EDU team has been able to make contact with you and clear things up with your accounts, so you can get to training. We are taking steps to examine the login and registration process and help correct these types of issues, so this doesn't happen to you or anyone else moving forward. If you have any further issues with logging in or questions, I would like to encourage you to engage in our discussion forums and review our FAQs.


Education Help Center/FAQ:

Certification Discussions:

Courseware Discussions:

Second Watch Discussions:

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