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LIVEcommunity is all about ensuring we give our members the best experience possible.


Whether that's the Customer Experience Refresh we unveiled earlier this year, the addition of interactive events and increased product-focused webinars, or our updated FAQS section, our goal is to make LIVEcommunity resources and tools as easy to navigate, helpful, and information-rich as possible. 


Our News & Events and Customer News pages are two areas that can help you quickly find the tips, tricks, and answers you're looking for. Here's why you should subscribe to these LIVEcommunity areas:


LIVEcommunity's News & Events page

LIVEcommunity's News & Events page is where you'll find information about upcoming LIVEcommunity events, as well as our monthly Rewind column—which curates the most notable and newsworthy LIVEcommunity content at the end of each month—so that you can easily digest the latest LIVE happenings, all in one place.


LIVEcommunity is ramping up its events, and we've already hosted four Ask Me Anything events (AMAs)—including one with our Cyber Elite experts, happening now!—and interactive events with Palo Alto product experts, like our webinar on how to secure and seamless end-user experience for GlobalProtect deployments.


By subscribing to LIVEcommunity's News & Events page or checking it regularly, you'll ensure you never miss an event, news item, or Rewind column that could be helpful to you. 


LIVEcommunity's Customer News page

LIVEcommunity's Customer News page was a new addition during our CX Refresh, and an area we plan to utilize more often! 


The Customer News page is where you'll find our Monthly Customer News roundups. This brand-new column highlights LIVEcommunity customer-only content, news and resources, as well as LIVEcommunity tools pertinent to our customer base and users of Palo Alto Networks services. (Read our June Customer News Roundup now!) 


Got a suggestion for what other content you'd like to see on the Customer News page, an event you think we should host or, well, anything else at all? Drop us a comment below! 


Thank you for reading—and don't forget to give a thumbs up. 


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