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Palo Alto Networks Live Community covers the details of new App-IDs. Learn which new App-IDs are being released. Customers can view a complete list with details. Determine whether a new functional App-ID affects your security policy structure. Find the answers you need here in the Live Community.



As a way of letting our customers know in advance what new App-IDs are being released, we publish a link to the complete list with all the details here:
New App-IDs for December 18, 2018 Release

We encourage Palo Alto Networks customers to understand the new applications, and decide if you'd like to enable the new apps in your policy.



  • Understand from this announcement if you will get visibility and control for an application heavily used in your environment.
  • Determine whether a new functional App-ID for an existing application affects your security policy structure.
    • We are adding SCADA App-ID for cc-link, which is quite popular in Japanese Industrial Control Systems.
    • We are adding an App-ID, coinnebula, which identifies mining activity from the browser. It can be used to detect and block crypto mining activity in your network.


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