The PA-400 Series Just Launched. So, What’s Next?

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Palo Alto Networks Guru

Palo Alto Networks recently introduced the next generation ML-powered PA-400 Series firewall appliances, which are built for branch use cases with a focus on ease of use, resiliency, and the best price and performance flexibility in the industry. 


Palo Alto Networks is now extending ease of use and low TCO solutions beyond NGFW appliances to include the process of consuming security solutions with the newly introduced PA-400 Series subscription bundles. 


There are two use-case based subscription bundles.


  • Professional or PRO bundle packages “security essentials” and provides our customers with comprehensive network and web security capabilities. This bundle contains four essential subscriptions: Threat Prevention (TP), WildFire (WF), Advanced URL filtering (Adv-URL), and Domain Name System (DNS) security. 
  • The Enterprise or ENT bundle offers “all-in comprehensive security,” the best in class security from Palo Alto Networks. The ENT bundle includes everything the Professional bundle offers and in addition provides local segmentation and device visibility with IoT security, optimizes the end-user experience in the branch with SD-WAN, and provides extensive visibility and control of SaaS applications with SaaS inline.


Why choose a PA-400 subscription bundle? 

PA-400 Series subscription bundles offer industry-leading security services at competitive pricing in a single SKU format, allowing for easy and swift purchase and adoption of Palo Alto Networks solutions.

  • Ease of ordering: Single-SKU, use-case based bundles that remove any guesswork and facilitate faster transactions by reducing the number of line items.
  • Price advantage: Competitive prices help extend our industry leading solutions to branch environments. 
  • Superior value over competition: We offer far more value and unmatched security for your network, IoT devices and applications, all in one solution. 


What is so unique about Palo Alto Networks security offers?

The powerful security and consistent outcomes are enabled by natively integrated, best-in-class security subscriptions delivered as a platform. Traditional single-point solutions and siloed security combinations cause challenges for organizations by introducing security gaps, increasing overhead for security teams, and hindering business productivity with inconsistent access and visibility. 


Palo Alto Networks' cloud-delivered security subscriptions, on the other hand, seamlessly integrate with our industry-leading NGFWs, provide the highest security effectiveness, enable simple deployment options with a single managed appliance (even for IoT security!), and leverage a unique “network” effect of 80,000 customers to instantly coordinate intelligence and protect against all threats across all vectors.


How to know which bundle offer is best for your organization’s needs? 

The PA-400 Series bundles are tied directly to the customer requirements. The PRO bundle is a perfect fit for customers in need for a robust network and web security solution. 


Network Security

 The network is secured by combining Threat Prevention and WildFire:

  • Threat Prevention goes beyond a typical intrusion prevention system (IPS) to inspect all traffic for threats (regardless of port, protocol, or encryption), and automatically blocks known vulnerabilities, malware, exploits, spyware, and command-and-control. Customers can easily automate workflows to rapidly apply IPS signatures in popular formats such as Snort and Suricata, and take advantage of our enhanced threat coverage
  • WildFire leverages a global community of sensors and multiple cloud-based malware detection and analysis techniques to identify and protect against unknown file-based threats. WildFire also powers inline Machine Learning modules and unique real-time signature streaming capabilities to ensure your organization is protected against previously unknown threats seconds after preventions are generated. 


Web Security

The internet connectivity is secured by combining Advanced URL filtering and DNS security.

  • Industry’s only inline web protection engine, Advanced URL Filtering instantly prevents new, evasive and targeted attacks by blocking zero-day web pages in real-time. Best of all, it is a native component of the NGFW platform—just turn it on and manage it through a single policy set. 
  • DNS Security applies predictive analytics and machine learning to instantly block attacks that use DNS and provide real time protection. Tight integration with the Next-Generation Firewall prevents attackers from bypassing security measures and eliminates the need for independent tools or changes to DNS routing. 


The ENT subscription bundle is ideal for customers looking to extend their security across all vectors. If you deploy a hybrid network with SaaS applications and have OT/IOT devices in your network, then you should consider adopting the ENT bundle. 


  • IoT Security is the industry’s most comprehensive solution delivering ML-powered device visibility, prevention, and enforcement in a single platform. IoT Security enables local segmentation of your OT/IT environment and uses machine learning with crowdsourcing to quickly and accurately discover all devices, assess risk, detect anomalies and recommend trust-based policies for enforcement. For healthcare organizations, IoT Security provides additional deep insights into device utilization to optimize patient care. Learn more about IOT Security.
  • SaaS-inline Security delivers real time visibility and control over new applications.The service automatically discovers and controls new applications to minimize emerging shadow IT risks. It is easy to deploy and provides data protection and compliance across all SaaS applications. 
  • SD-WAN reduces costs by supplementing MPLS with more economical broadband, LTE, and other connectivity options. It also enhances user experience for accessing SaaS and public cloud applications from branch locations, and helps simplify operations with centralized management in Panorama. Learn more about why Forrester recommends PAN-OS SD-WAN


PA-400 Series NGFW combined with these subscription bundles offer the most comprehensive and differentiated security solution for enterprise branches at low TCO without compromising on security.  Learn more about the PA-400 Series.

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