Traps Management Service 2.2.2 and WildFire Cloud Updates

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New Updates! Traps Management Service has been updated to version 2.2.2 with new search capabilities and new admin roles, and WildFire Cloud has new analysis abilities. Get all of the details here. Got questions? Get answers on LIVEcommunity!

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In today’s blog, I will be telling you about updates for Traps Management Service (TMS) 2.2.2 and WildFire Cloud Updates.


Traps Management Service TMS 2.2.2

Traps Management Service has been updated for September with version 2.2.2. This release includes new administrative roles and new search capabilities. Please see all the details below.


New Traps Management Service Features - September 2019



New Privileged Administrative Roles for Sensitive Response Actions

You can now minimize sensitive access to Traps endpoints by assigning one of two new administrative roles from the hub to your Traps management service users. The new roles, Privileged Security Admin and Privileged IT Admin, restrict who can perform File Retrieval and Live Terminal response actions on Traps endpoints.

  • Privileged Security Admin–Provides the same privileges as the Security Admin role, in addition to Live Terminal and File Retrieval. Security Admins will no longer be allowed to perform these two actions.
  • Privileged IT Admin – Provides the same privileges as IT Admin, in addition to initiating Live Terminal. IT Admins will no longer be able to perform this action.

In addition to the two new roles, users assigned a Super Admin role can also perform File Retrieval and Live Terminal actions.

New Search Capabilities for Actions Tracker

To help you quickly locate the administrative actions initiated by Traps management service users, five search filters were added to the Actions Tracker window:

  • Endpoint name
  • Endpoint ID
  • Action type
  • Created by
  • SHA256


Sourced from the Traps Management Release notes by TechDocs, Features Introduced in September 2019.


WildFire Cloud

Wildfire Cloud has received an update the last part of August that includes Recursive Analysis and Perl Script Analysis.


Recursive Analysis

As malware evolves, it can be difficult to determine if a file is malware or not. Sometimes a single sample is not enough to provide complete coverage. That's why WildFire has added Recursive Analysis by analyzing samples in static, dynamic, and bare metal environments to provide better coverage.


For more details about the Recursive Analysis, please see the release notes here: Recursive Analysis.


Perl Script Analysis

WildFire’s current script sample support has been expanded to include perl scripts. WildFire public cloud can now analyze and classify perl scripts with verdicts by using static and dynamic analysis.


For more details about the Perl Script Analysis, please see the release notes here: Perl Script Analysis.


More Info

For a full list of all WildFire Cloud features that have been introduced, please visit the following article in TechDocs: 

Latest WildFire Cloud Features


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