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By Rusty Otto, Customer Success Engineer


The Prisma Cloud team is consistently working to improve the product in many ways including introducing a new Unified Asset Inventory! This new Unified Asset Inventory will provide a single view of all assets discovered by Prisma Cloud along with all available vulnerability information.

Previously, this data was segmented into multiple areas of the platform. There will now be visibility of all cloud provider related assets such as instances or security groups as well as newly available assets from Compute, such as: hosts, containers, and container images


Cloud Type, Service Name, and Region of “Other” are now accessible to support assets that may not have a Cloud Service Provider placement such as defenders which may exist outside of the cloud. These categories will appear in the Asset Inventory, Asset Explorer, and Asset Detail pages as group-bys, filters, and attributes.



The Unified Asset Inventory replaces the previous version of Prisma Cloud’s full-page ‘Resource Explorer’ with a new ‘Asset Detail View’, which is a sidecar experience that allows users to dive deep into asset details all without losing their place within Prisma Cloud. The updated Unified Asset Inventory streamlines the information gathering process by combining alert data from the posture management side of Prisma with the vulnerability data provided by the Compute side of our platform. By moving to unify these details, Prisma Cloud provides you with a more centralized view of the overall posture of your cloud environment as well as the workloads running in it. 




To view the new Asset Inventory:

Step 1: Log into Prisma Cloud Enterprise

Step 2: Navigate to the ‘Inventory’>’Assets’ (You may need to sort the type)

Step 3: Locate the “Other” category, as this is where the vulnerability information exists


From this point, you are now able to access information that was previously only available in other areas of Prisma Cloud as well as alerts and vulnerabilities generated by defenders. 


Prisma Cloud already made it easy to locate security issues such as infrastructure misconfigurations within the Asset Inventory. Now the new Unified Asset Inventory adds capabilities to quickly identify software vulnerabilities affecting assets in the inventory. 


Do you want to quickly identify assets which present the risky combination of high severity infrastructure misconfigurations and critical software vulnerabilities?  Now you can!





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