Unit 42: Don't Panic! Measuring Cybersecurity Risk

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Palo Alto Networks Live Community shares a new podcast “Unit 42: Don’t Panic! Measuring Cybersecurity Risk.” Ryan Olson and Rick Howard of Unit 42, the threat intelligence team at Palo Alto Networks, discuss several topics that involve measuring your risk in cybersecurity. Listen to the podcast here.




The Palo Alto Networks threat intelligence team, Unit 42, which is made up of cybersecurity researchers and industry experts, will continue their "Don't Panic" podcasts!


If you’re unfamiliar with the podcasts, they're hosted by Ryan Olson and Rick Howard. In each episode, a specific topic in cybersecurity is simplified and explained thoroughly to help you understand why you don’t need to panic.


Every episode is under 20 minutes and finished with a segment on cybersecurity in popular culture -- watch out for spoilers with this particular episode!


This latest podcast discusses the topic of measuring risk in cybersecurity and the challenges people run into when trying to put numbers behind the risks in their organizations. You can listen directly from the player below or subscribe through iTunes or Google Play.


Some interesting keywords from this podcast:


  • Qualitative vs Quantitative risk assessment
  • Probability of an incident
  • Monte Carlo Simulation
  • Material impact
  • Bayes algorithm

All podcast episodes are available here.



Don't forget to check out the Unit 42 blog.
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