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Controlling cloud applications is a big challenge with more and more services moving to the cloud.

Good news! With the unsanctioned device access control service, you can now enable users to securely access your cloud apps from personal devices from any location without inadvertently putting your data or organization at risk.


You can enforce policies such as a user accessing corporate email from a non-corporate device. You can allow the user to view email, but not download attachments. End users can use their normal workflow by directly accessing SaaS application and do not need to go to a portal to access the SaaS app when using unsanctioned devices.

The service utilizes SAML redirection to direct traffic from unsanctioned devices to traverse the next generation firewall thereby getting all the protection from the firewall, including intrusion prevention system (IPS) malware, and data exfiltration.


Please see the attachment written by TechPubs that details all about Unsanctioned Device Access Control.


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L2 Linker

Would this solve the use case of an application generating a custom URL that goes into a link in email. This link then needs to be clicked on and accessed through a VPN to get to the backend system, such as Epic or SAP from a personal device?

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