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Cyber Elite
Cyber Elite

Check out the details for an upcoming webcast about getting the most out of Panorama that will take place on June 20th at 9AM PDT/6PM CET. Read what will be included in the webcast and how it can help you learn more about network security management best practices. Got Questions? Get Answers on LIVEcommunity.


Panorama network security management simplifies firewall management by delivering comprehensive controls and deep visibility into network-wide traffic and security threats. Whether you have a handful or hundreds of firewalls, Panorama can help you maintain effective security across all of them. In this webcast, Palo Alto Networks experts discuss key network security management concepts and best practices for using a centralized firewall management.


You will learn best practices for:

  • Maintaining centralized configurations, tracking changes, and streamlining workflows using Panorama.
  • Automating manual and repetitive tasks using Panorama and third party integrations to free up time and save effort.
  • Using various central security management concepts for reducing the time you spend on managing network and security configuration.

Join us to learn about how Panorama and its new 9.0 features can help you gain efficacy and efficiency. Bring your questions! Our experts will also answer them live in a Q&A session.


Register for the webinar here: http://bit.ly/2XA8OPI

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