Video Tutorial: Large Scale VPN (LSVPN)

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A couple of weeks ago my Tips & Tricks blog was about GlobalProtect IPv6 Troubleshooting Part 2 LSVPN.


Now we have a Video Tutorial from Welly Kamarudin, @WellyKamarudin talking all about LSVPN, what it is and how to configure it.



For more information on LSVPN and how to deploy this, please see the PAN-OS 8.0 Administrator guide here:


As always, we welcome your feedback and comments below.


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Joe Delio

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 Hello Welly,


Thanks for your great video.


Currently, we have to implement Lsvpn in one site very soon.  HQ PA has public ip. But, Branches PA is behind NAT device. It does not have public ip and only have 3G network ip which is reachable to public ip of HQ PA. 


Please let me know if we can implement Lsvpn in this situration ?



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