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About a month ago, we shared some information with our members regarding the Community Experience Survey and how much we appreciate all of the feedback we’ve received!


This survey has given all of you the opportunity to share what you enjoy about LIVEcommunity, what you wish was different and what you’d like to see incorporated in the future. With more than 500 comments received, we are here to share what we’re doing to address that input right now—and how we will continue to consider, develop, and implement improvements based on your feedback in the future. We are in the midst of sharing your rich and valuable insights among Palo Alto Networks teams. Your voice is always heard here in LIVEcommunity and hope to expand the reach of your voice within the community!


In short: What you say matters! We plan to continue communicate with and respond to our members’ feedback, and hope that you continue to contribute your suggestions.


In Response to Your Content Suggestions:


“More demos on the product”


“training videos on Introduction to Cybersecurity”


“there should be more screenshots of the gui to make things more comprehensive and easier to share  with new users”


LIVEcommunity response: We plan on incorporating this into our content strategy, as we recognize the importance of having a foundation and building from the ground up. We hope to create more rich media such as video product demos, and are also considering hosting an interactive event in which product experts share best practices and tips and tricks around Palo Alto Networks technologies? Let us know in the comments section if that’s something you’d be interested in or what other suggestions you have.



“I was looking for the preferred PanOS version so we can plan our next upgrades. Thanks.”


“I appreciate that the preferred version of software is published and regularly updated

so I do not have to open a case to find out.  It is helpful and saves time”


LIVEcommunity response: This is great to hear! We also have a Support PAN-OS Software Release Guidance article in LIVEcommunity’s Customer Resources area to help customers  find the preferred version of software.



In Response to Your Feedback on Palo Alto Networks Tools:


“More documentation on Expedition” 


“Expedition could use better posted/updated documentation to keep up with changes. 

A designated link on the main page to a library would be nice”


LIVEcommunity response: We have a dedicated Expedition tools page where you can find videos, articles, discussions, and other great resources. We encourage you to check it out: Expedition Tool Page.



"Provide a listing of all supported platforms with Expedition. Didn't see anything pertaining to Blue Coat ProxySG"


LIVEcommunity response: Blue Coat migration is currently not supported by Expedition, please refer to the supported vendor matrix for details: Expedition Supported 3rd Party Vendor Matrix



"I was trying to find documentation for the Expedition 2.0 migration tool

but the current one is not helping that much. I know this is a best effort kind of tool support but still..."


LIVEcommunity response: Expedition 2.x release date has been scheduled on April 2022, and we will have more documentation by that time.  Please refer below article for more details: Expedition 2.0 Release date: Postponed.



Please note, these are just a few of the many other great pieces of feedback we’ve received from this survey. We want to let you all know that we appreciate and value all of this feedback, and will continue sharing blogs like this to address and respond to your feedback. Stay tuned! 

Thanks for reading and don’t forget you can drop us a comment below!



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