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What about Threats? (T is for..)


T is for Threats,

T is also for Grand Moff Tarkin, the Imperial governor of the Outer Rim territories and the commanding officer of the Death Star. But even though Tarkin thought that the Death Star was impenetrable from attack, in the end the Death Star was defeated by a small group of Rebels. With Palo Alto Networks, we will help defeat any threats that may be knocking on your door.


Threats are a huge concern from any security professional and I used to hear this concern from so many people who would call in for support.


So, how do you know if a specific threat is covered by Palo Alto Networks? 

I have written a Tips & Tricks about using the Threat Vault looking for specific threats:

Tips & Tricks: How to Use the Threat Database and search for CVE numbers


I have also created a Video Tutorial that talks about the Threat Vault:

New Threat Vault


The direct link to Threat Vault:



For even more information about Threats and what the Palo Alto Networks Unit 42 Threat Research Center has been up to along with their Blogs, which are very informative. Go here:




Thanks for reading. 

As always, please comment and give all feedback below.


Stay Secure,

Joe "what's the" Delio


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