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The Enhanced LIVEcommunity Experience is finally here! Learn all about it.

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Palo Alto Networks LIVEcommunity YouTube channel tops over a million views, helping cybersecurity practitioners create a world that's safer and more secure than it was the day before. See what over 11,000 channel subscribers learn from more than 200 videos on our channel.


What is today's version of what's black and white and red all over?  It seems that not so long ago, the answer was a newspaper. Yesterday, we read the newspaper and graciously succumbed to its monotone black and white characters and symbols while we—or our parents—read along.


Today we might ask what's multi-colored, multi-faceted, multi-channel, read, heard, and viewed all over?  Yes, our videos go wherever you go, mobile and versatile, and from a humble start in 2015, four years later we celebrate over A MILLION VIEWS of the LIVEcommunity YouTube channel.


LIVEcommunity YouTube channel now boasts over 1,000,000 views. That's one fun number to celebrate!LIVEcommunity YouTube channel now boasts over 1,000,000 views. That's one fun number to celebrate!


What does that mean? For fun averages, we can slice and dice that big number like this...


  • 500,000 people watched a video on the channel twice, or watched a couple of videos
  • 250,000 people found a topic of interest four times, or watched four videos on the same or different topics
  • 10,000 people created 100 views
  • One  person made a million happy views on the channel (that's what we think happened -- the simple power of 1)

Lots of people like our videos, or one person REALLY likes 'em, but whether our popularity is due to one person or over 11,000 subscribers, they all keep coming back for more! Our followers and subscribers are people like you. Cybersecurity professionals who want to stay informed about the latest technologies and practices, learn about current trends, or just relax and settle in for movie night, who all tune in to the LIVEcommunity YouTube channel.



The Learning Happy Hour playlist on the LIVEcommunity YouTube channel bears a great responsibility for the channel's success.The Learning Happy Hour playlist on the LIVEcommunity YouTube channel bears a great responsibility for the channel's success.


Maybe you're one of 11,000+ subscribers who want to be the first to hear about the latest videos. Have you checked out The Learning Happy Hour on our channel and even here in the community, where you can take a short quiz after viewing and submit your ideas or questions about the Learning Happy Hour topic you just viewed?


Did your brand new Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewall arrive just today? Are you fairly confident about your first moves after unpacking the box? With nearly 50,000 views from others who bravely, eagerly, urgently, or tentatively unpacked the box, then wondered what next to do, take a look at our highest viewed "we got you covered" video, Getting Started: Setting Up Your Palo Alto Networks Firewall.


Just a sampling of other videos from our channel cover a wide array of topics:


And the good news is 198 other great videos (for an impressive total of 203) just like these, showing on 8 different playlists, are just waiting for your viewing pleasure on YouTube.


Join us as we celebrate over a million views on YouTube, sliced and diced any way you like it, (do you think it's all one person?) and thanks to our community for helping us topple that million-views mark!


Share the great news of our channel. Multiply the power of one. Tell 20 and many.


Skip on over to LIVEcommunity YouTube and see what you've been missing!


Comments? Kudos? Feedback?


Be sure to let us hear from you!


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