Zero Trust Advisory Service: A Strategic Approach To Securing Digital Transformation

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The security landscape has changed drastically in the past few years. We are confronted weekly with stories and news headlines about security breaches. Standards and regulations are evolving at such a pace that organizations are required to constantly evaluate their security posture and increase their security measures. Hybrid workforces have become the new standard and the shift towards the cloud have only increased the urgency to adopt a different security approach. 


As organizations worldwide are undergoing this significant transformation, security teams within these organizations are looking more and more to leverage Zero Trust as a strategy to secure their enterprise assets. That being said, how and where does one start their Zero Trust journey? It goes without saying that it's a daunting, time consuming task that requires a specific set of skills—not something that all organizations have readily available in-house.


That's where Palo Alto Networks comes in.


Recently, we expanded our Zero Trust services offering with a Zero Trust Advisory Service to provide high levels of support on the process side of Zero Trust and accelerate a customer’s move to a Zero Trust approach. With this service we offer a holistic approach to help your organization design, implement, and maintain its Zero Trust security posture.


Leveraging our broad security expertise and capabilities we partner with our customers for an aligned vision aimed at success. We will figure out how to deliver Zero Trust everywhere following a step by step process.





As a trusted partner, we seek to protect all of your users, applications, and infrastructure everywhere. We provide a consistent set of capabilities and validation criteria to ensure that blind spots are reduced within your enterprise environment. By eliminating implicit trust and continuously validating every stage of a digital interaction we provide peace of mind.

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