Introducing the Palo Alto Networks Exam Blueprints!

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Introducing the Palo Alto Networks Exam Blueprints!

Palo Alto Networks is excited to announce the Certification Exam Blueprint.  When launching a new exam, Exam Blueprints will be available ahead of the Study Guides allowing students to start preparing sooner. Every exam, as it is introduced or updated, will have an exam blueprint made available.    


Exam Blueprints: The Exam Blueprint showcases the high level domain, tasks and subtasks covered in the examination. Domains are general guidelines for the material likely to be covered on the exam. Also included on the Blueprint is the percentage of the exam devoted to each domain covered on the certification exam. 


Study Guides: Study Guides dive deeper into test objectives outlined on the Exam Blueprint. The Study Guides contain sample questions aligned with the style and types of questions on the exam, as well as, documentation and other helpful resources for exam preparation.


View the exam Blueprints for the new certifications launching this fall!


Nice approach!

I was wondering whether there will be any Certifications for Cortex?

PCSAE Is specific for XSOAR and Cortex XDR for example has been around longer.

I am aware of PSE Cortex Professional, but I am not sure whether this is on the same level as these certificates. 

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