New GlobalProtect 4.0 announced with IPv6 support

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There is so much great talk about PAN-OS 8.0 being released, I did not want to miss the opportunity to talk about the fact that there is also a Brand New version of GlobalProtect, version 4.0 that is being released at the same time. (NoteGlobalProtect 4.0 features are only available if you are using PAN-OS 8.0.)


There are a TON of new features that have been added to GlobalProtect 4.0. If you would like the whole Technical details (almost as technical as the Rebels obtaining the Technical details of the Death Star), then please click here:

GlobalProtect Agent 4.0 Release Information


One of the new features that people have been asking for IPv6 support inside of GlobalProtect. This is something very exciting as more and more people have been enabling IPv6, and now they can connect GlobalProtect with IPv6. Read all about this and all of the other new exciting features here:

Features Introduced in GlobalProtect Agent 4.0


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@BrianRa, great point, I will make sure I note that.