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Palo Alto Networks will release a new Advanced URL Filtering category called “Marijuana”.


ACTION: Action may be required. The default action for this new Marijuana category is “allow.” If you currently alert on or block marijuana websites (using a combination of “Health and Medicine” and “Abused Drugs”), you will need to ensure that you set the action to “alert” or “block” as appropriate for this new Marijuana category.  After we activate this new Marijuana category on July 16, 2024, you will no longer be able to use the category combination of “Health and Medicine” with “Abused Drugs” to identify marijuana-related websites.


How is the Marijuana category defined?

Palo Alto Networks defines the Marijuana category as sites that pertain to the sale, cultivation, manufacture, distribution, promotion, or use of marijuana or marijuana-related paraphernalia. It does not distinguish between medicinal and non-medicinal use cases.


Will the Marijuana category be visible across all PAN-OS software?

Yes, the Marijuana category will be visible on all supported PAN-OS software versions. However, it will be functional only on firewalls running PAN-OS 9.1 or a later version. Additionally, the firewall must have an active Advanced URL filtering license.


When will the Marijuana category appear in Content Updates?

The “Marijuana” category was introduced in content version 8838 (on April 17, 2024). This new category will be visible on the administrator management console after you install content version 8838 or a later version. 


When will the Marijuana category be activated?

Although the new category appears in firewalls with content version 8838 or a later version, we will not activate this new category until July 16, 2024. On that date, we intend to begin publishing URLs that will be categorized as Marijuana. Please ensure that your Security policy rules are configured appropriately for this new category before this date if you intend to alert on or block marijuana-related website traffic on your network..


What is the recommended action for the Marijuana category?

The recommended action for the Marijuana category is to configure it according to your state regulations and company policies.


What is the Palo Alto Networks test URL for Marijuana?

The test URL for the new Marijuana category is:


Additional Information

For more information on best practices when managing URL Filtering categories, check out these resources:


L1 Bithead
L1 Bithead

Fixed, thank you.

L0 Member

Could you add the info of "Marijuana" to the bellow list?
Complete List of PAN-DB URL Filtering Categories

Will this category also be valid for Prisma Access?

L1 Bithead

Yes, it will be available for Prisma Access. 

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L2 Linker

We are allowing the Category Health&Medicine ,whereas Blocking the Abused Drugs Category so in this scenario what is the Proposed Action that we need to take Before the Category Marijuana gets Activated by Paloalto Networks? 

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