Unlocking Opportunities: Network Security Customer Advocacy with Palo Alto Networks

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Join Our Network Security Success Stories


Our Network Security Marketing team is actively seeking customers willing to showcase their security and business successes. Whether through case studies, testimonials, speaking opportunities, blogs, or media engagement, we invite you to share your journey with us. Your story could inspire others and contribute to the collective knowledge of the cybersecurity community.


Become a Cybersecurity Advocate

By becoming an advocate, you can establish yourself as a Thought Leader in your industry, build your personal brand, and contribute to the community. Check out our 6 Ways to Become an Advocate one-pager to learn more about how you can tell your story and amplify your impact.


Fig 1_NetworkSecurity-6-Ways-to-Advocate_palo-alto-networks (1).jpg


Discover Real-World Success - Watch a Practitioner's Customer Story

Watch this Customer Story as an example of how a practitioner shared their experience leveraging Palo Alto Networks solutions to overcome security challenges and drive business outcomes.


Ready to Share Your Success Story? Fill out the Form Now!

Fill out the form today to connect with the Network Security Marketing team and take the first step towards becoming a cybersecurity advocate. We're excited to hear from you and showcase your achievements.



Community Manager
Community Manager

This is a great customer story to watch as it hones in on the Palo Alto Networks platform approach! 

Excellent info with a Prisma Access focus!

Community Team Member

It's awesome to see how customer share their security successes with Palo Alto Networks leading the charge!

The recommendations for getting started in the video was especially insightful!


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