Local Government NGFW Configurations

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Brief Description

The Local Government skillets are intended for local government NGFW configurations including pre-build region based blocking and compliance tags.


Target Audience

PAN-OS NGFW users in the local government vertical.



  • IronSkillet configuration - tag and profile objects referenced by this configuration
  • Threat, URL-Filtering, and Wildfire subscriptions
  • panHandler version 4.0 or later


Skillet Details

Documentation: https://github.com/jmaclean33/LocalGov/blob/master/README.md

Github Location: https://github.com/jmaclean33/LocalGov.git

Github Branches: master

PAN-OS Versions Supported: 9.x, 10.0

Type of Skillet: panos


  • LocalGov


Full Description

The LocalGov skillets build on the IronSkillet day one configuration to create a complete internet gateway configuration aligned to local government compliance requirements.


Included are:


  • NIST and CJIS colored tags to associate to compliance needs in security policies
  • Optional Country Block rules permitting only traffic to/from the US, Mexico, and Canada
  • SSL decryption policy



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