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About Configuration Wizard


The Palo Alto Networks Configuration Wizard guides customers step-by-step by providing an intuitive, easy-to-use interface to configure firewalls that aligns with best practices. Configuration Wizard provides customized recommendations to remediate BPA-found issues and improve overall feature adoption and improve security posture.


Customers now get clear insights or direction on how to take action on failed BPA checks and improve security posture after running a BPA report.


Configuration Wizard Highlights


  • Integrates with BPA tool to quickly deploy remediation from failed best practices on NGFW or Panorama™ capabilities
  • Identifies top 13 most important BPA checks for remediations to confirm the best practice settings being modified.
  • Provide step-by-step configuration guide using the Configuration Wizard to quickly configure PAN-OS features
  • The Configuration Wizard provides a list of Set Commands for quick and easy configuration changes


Configuration Wizard Customer Benefits


  • Save time and automatically remediate to security best practices. 
  • Lower risk and reduce configuration errors 
  • Quickly deploy across you entire network security infrastructure
  • Maximize your return on your security investment

Additional Best Practices Checks added to Configuration Wizard


Best Practice Checks That Can Be Remediate with Configuration Wizard


BPA Checks


Antivirus Profile Decoder Wildfire Actions

URL Filtering Profile Allow Categories


TCP out-of-order traffic

Failed Attempts

Lockout Time

Rematch Sessions


See the new features introduced in this release

  • In addition to Best Practice recommended commands Configuration Wizard will now provide a command to take backup of an existing configuration before running recommended configuration.
  • Added option to download all best practice recommended commands instead of copying at the “Generate Commands”.


Review the latest Known Issues 


The following list includes only outstanding known issues specific to Configuration Wizard.




S2 - Major

Action on DNS Queries for DNS Sinkhole is not set to “sinkhole” still passes

S4 - Trivial

Capitalize "DNS" in "DNS Signatures" and "Dns Sinkhole Settings"


Review the Addressed Issues for the latest release


The following list includes known issues specific to Configuration Wizard that were fixed in this release.





Warning to be displayed  when copying more than 20 lines of CLI commands for PAN-OS


Tool creates multiple log forwarding profiles when they already exist.


Resume Configuration Wizard is not going to last active page


Antivirus Profile Decoder Actions feature will now only display the options available for the running version PANOS the user is using


Character length limitation blocking user access

Getting Help

The following topics provide information on where to find more about this release and how to request support.


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Requesting Support

To provide feedback, write to us at:


For contacting support, for information on support programs, to manage your account or devices, or to open a support case, go to

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