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Unit 42 and Cortex Xpanse invite you to dive into the latest insights and analysis on emerging cyber threats and vulnerabilities in this comprehensive report, gathered from extensive exposure and threat data collected over 12 months with Cortex Xpanse.    Read the full report here: Attack Surface Report    Have a question? Post it on our Discussion Forum Cortex Xpanse 
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Incident Response Review the Incident management use cases and best practices here:  Incident Response in Cortex Xpanse Additional read: Have a question? Post it on our Discussion Forum Cortex Xpanse 
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IT hygiene is built on the belief that there are ongoing, critical practices instrumental to the health and security of your IT infrastructure. With the global surge of digital transformation, including moves to the cloud and remote work, this becomes more challenging.   In this paper, we’ll define what IT hygiene really means, spotlight the danger of shadow IT and discuss why you need a system of record for all of your internet assets.
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Interruption in the supply chain can cause an organization significant operational and strategic risk. Suppliers often hold tremendous amounts of data and intellectual property from organizations they’re working with. If these cloud assets are directly compromised, it puts everyone at risk.   In this paper, we’ll discuss: Common failures of supplier risk solutions Methods for improving security outcomes How to boost supply chain visibility Where to start Don’t wait to manage your supply chain. Find out how Cortex ®  Xpanse™ can help.
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Some types of cyberattacks are straightforward and easy to handle. Phishing tries to trick users into opening a link or entering their credentials. Distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks flood websites with so much traffic that real communications can’t get through.   Other network attacks are more difficult to understand. The details of the threat exposure can have a big influence on the complexity of the attack and the nature of its impact on your networks. In this paper, we highlight five of the more intricate perimeter exposures and discuss how you can defend against them.   Learn more.
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