Cortex XSOAR Playbook Design Guide

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Check out our new XSOAR Playbook Design Guide. This detailed manual is designed to inform playbook creators on best practices for creating stable playbooks and a foundational pipeline from development to production.


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Cortex XSOAR 

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L0 Member

Just curious, why isn't this file just available on a Palo Alto site instead of Google Drive?

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Awesome work, Nice Guide

L2 Linker

Is this available anywhere else?  Access to Google Drive isn't allowed here.

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If @mbordach10  is OK with me doing so I can download it and get it to you somehow, I am sure that they won't mind I just like to have the authors permission first.

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Thank you for your feedback! We are working on uploading this guide to our website and will share the updated link here.

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The XSOAR Playbook Design Guide is now uploaded to our website.