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The COVID-19 Response Center for GlobalProtect and Prisma Access

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Palo Alto Networks understands a new level of support is needed, and the necessity to securely and rapidly connect all your applications, including SaaS, Cloud, and your data center apps.
This page provides immediate resources from across Palo Alto Networks specific to GlobalProtect, GlobalProtect Cloud Services (GPCS), and Prisma Access.
Find the answers you need and engage with other cybersecurity professionals.

A Message from our CEO, Nikesh Arora

A Message from our CEO, Nikesh Arora

We have a number of solutions ready to go to help you secure your remote workforce, and we’ve ramped up our support to help.

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GlobalProtect and Prisma Access during COVID-19

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We understand your challenges during COVID-19.
Supporting your mobile workforce, you’re covered.

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GlobalProtect Blogs, Articles, and Discussions

New GlobalProtect 5.2 Is Here

07-31-2020 — We're excited to release GlobalProtect 5.2! See what’s new and how it helps you stay secure.

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Applying Vulnerability Protection to GlobalProtect Interfaces

07-22-2020 — View the configuration steps for applying a vulnerability protection security profile to GlobalProtect.

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Critical Security Advisory CVE-2020-2021

07-01-2020 — Please be aware that Palo Alto Networks published CVE-2020-2021, a critical vulnerability impacting our platform and customers when leveraging SAML.

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What is GlobalProtect Pre-Logon Mode

05-27-2020 — The idea behind pre-logon is to have the device get connected to the gateway, even before a user logs into the machine.

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GlobalProtect App 5.1.2 for Windows and Mac Announcement

04-22-2020 — Learn why GlobalProtect 5.1.2 for Windows and Mac is no longer available in the support portal.

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GlobalProtect: Pre-logon Authentication

04-10-2020 — Learn more about how to add pre-logon authentication using machine certificates.

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GlobalProtect: Authentication Policy with MFA

04-10-2020 — Learn more about to configure Authentication Policy with MFA to provide elevated access for both HTTP and non-HTTP traffic to specific sensitive resources.

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GlobalProtect: User/Device Context and Compliance

04-10-2020 — See how to modify security policy matching based on user identity and device context provided via the GlobalProtect app.

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Prisma Access Blogs, Articles, and Discussions

Introducing Prisma Access Release 1.6

05-19-2020 — Palo Alto Networks releases Prisma Access 1.6. Find release notes and learn about new features.

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Different Ways to Get Visibility into Prisma Access

04-27-2020 — The following are different solutions (but not limited) to provide visibility into Prisma Access deployment. Panorama Bandwidth Utilization on Service Connection and Remote Networks:Navigate to Panorama...

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Prisma Access SASE Security (EDU-118)

03-27-2020 — Read about the new Prisma Access education course, new tutorials, videos, and articles about this service. Prisma Access SASE Security (EDU-118)

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Prisma Access Skillets

03-27-2020 — A suite of deployment, config, and service information skillets for Prisma Access mobile users and remote networks.

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Prisma Access FAQ To Scale Mobile Users

03-20-2020 — Check out the Prisma Access FAQ to help answer questions around scalability and capacity for mobile users with Prisma Access.

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Top 10 Resources for Prisma Access

03-19-2020 — Prisma Access is likely the backbone support for the needs of your remote workforce during the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are some very helpful resources for you.

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GlobalProtect and Prisma Access during COVID-19

03-13-2020 — We understand your challenges during COVID-19. Supporting your mobile workforce, you’re covered.

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Prisma Access , Working from Home (WFH) and Covid-19 (Coronavirus)

03-12-2020 — To all, Just wanted to post a message about the Hot Topic right now.. which is Covid-19. With all of this going around, everybody's health and safely is the utmost concern. Keeping your hands clean, washing...

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