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Prisma® Cloud Resource Query Language (RQL) is a powerful and flexible tool that helps you gain security and operational insights about your deployments in public cloud environments. You can use RQL to perform configuration checks on resources deployed on different cloud platforms and to gain visibility and insights into user and network events.


Learn how to use Prisma Cloud RQL to:

Describe RQL query syntax, types of queries, attributes, and RQL operators

Describe the config from, event from, and network from query syntax


Describe config queries for arrays

Describe search iteration through a JSON set

Describe using Joins for RQL config queries

List best practices for using quotations and parentheses in RQL

Describe RQL query limitations and troubleshooting

This course is intended for learners in the fields of public cloud security and cybersecurity, or anyone who wants to learn how to use RQL as a tool to help secure their public cloud.

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