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Palo Alto Networks WildFire® malware prevention subscription service is an advanced cloud-based analysis and prevention engine for malware. The WildFire Service identifies previously unknown malware and generates signatures that Palo Alto Networks firewalls can use to then detect and block the malware. When a Palo Alto Networks firewall detects an unknown sample (a file or a link included in an email), the firewall can automatically forward the sample to WildFire for analysis.


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The Palo Alto Networks WildFire Subscription Service course is a digital learning training that will help you to:


  • Describe WildFire purposes and operation
  • Describe WildFire license and deployment choices
  • Describe how to configure and update WildFire
  • Describe the different methods for viewing WildFire reports and logs

Learn more: https://www.paloaltonetworks.com/services/education/digital-learning


Register here: https://beacon.paloaltonetworks.com/student/collection/747959/path/1176453 

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