What is Expedition?


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What is Expedition?


Expedition is the fourth evolution of the Palo Alto Networks Migration Tool. The main purpose of this tool was help reducing the time and efforts to migrate a configuration from one of the supported vendors to Palo Alto Networks.


By using the Migration Tool, everyone can convert a configuration from Checkpoint or Cisco or any other vendor to a PAN-OS and give you more time to improve the results. Migration Tool 3 added some functionalities to allow our customers to enforce security policies based on App-ID and User-ID as well.


With Expedition, we have gone one step further, not only because we want to continue helping to facilitate the transition of a security policy from others vendors to PAN-OS, but we want to ensure the outcome is the best as possible. This is why we added a Machine Learning module that can help you generate new security policies based on real log traffic and the introduction of the Best Practices Assessment Tool to check the configuration complies with the Best Practices recommended by our security experts.


With all these huge improvements we expect the next time you use Expedition the journey to the excellence will be easier.


NOTE: Expedition is supported by the community as best effort


The Palo Alto Networks TAC does not provide support, so please post your questions in the community.


Go to: Expedition landing page on LIVEcommunity


Does anyone know the minimum VMware Workstation version required to import the Expedition VM?  I have 10.0.7.build-2844087 and Expedition fails to start as Workstaion does not recognize the VM type.


Thank you,  Rich

Current version is using hardware version 12. But you can modify it to reduce it. It should work.

Do you know what I would modify to ge tthis to work?

Can we convert from PIX to 8.0?

Can the tool be used for CiscoFirePOwer? or just ASA?


Just ASA for now.  I guess the assumption is that FP is new and cusotmers aren't leaving it yet.  YET.

If the Firepower config has the access-lists like this will work


access-list myaccesslist advaced xxxx x xx x x x

Has anyone been able to get this working with Virtualbox without first using VMWare Workstation or ESXi?  I know the "VBoxManage clondhd" command lets you convert VMDK to a VDI file but I'm not sure if that'll work with an export with multiple vmdk files.

Can Expedition help migrate rules from your Palo Alto firewalls to Panorama?

Panorama can already adopt the configuration that a FW has. There is not need to involve Expedition in this process

Wasn't sure if it was posted previously....has anyone successfully installed on RHEL or Ubuntu 18.04 LTS