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Post a discussion here if you have general questions regarding configuration and troubleshooting for Palo Alto Networks products. Use this forum to collaborate with like-minded security professionals to improve your security posture.
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Response Page on Internet Zone

Hello Community,

our customer has a Cluster of PA-3020 with PANOS 7.0.2.

We have enabled Application Block Page and the Internal users can view it properly.

Customer has a rule to permit Web-browsing traffic from Internet to DMZ.



When users try



NAT and site to site VPN



We're trying to build a Site to Site VPN connection with an other company. They are installing software on two of our servers ( and and they need the VPN to automatically transfer configuration and other files.




Policy Based Forwading Capability Question

Hello All, Was just wondering if anyone may be able to help with this our question.


Please see the attached High Level Diagram. Both Firewalls are PA 3020's with the full licence set enabled. We need to replace the ISA server which is not providing


Data Flows.jpg
WesNeary by L1 Bithead
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Does Palo Alto support Reverse Route injection?

As title, does Palo Alto support something like CISCO "Reverse Route injection" which can inject a /32 route to the campus network for a dial-in user? Or can I create a /24 loopback interface for VPN users and redistribute the /24 to campus network?