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The frequently asked questions are here to help you find the answers you are seeking about Education at Palo Alto Networks. If there is a question that is not addressed here, please visit Education Help Center Discussions to ask the community.   GENERAL INFORMATION   TRAINING What are the delivery options for training?   What is my recommended learning path?   Does Palo Alto Networks offer evaluations, trail licenses, OVA files or VMs for lab practice?     LEARNING CENTER  |  DIGITAL LEARNING   GETTING STARTED What is the Learning Center?   How do I access the Learning Center?   How do I find training in the Learning Center?   How do I enroll for training in the Learning Center?   How do I launch training in the Learning Center?     MY PROFILE How do I update my Learning Center profile information?     POST COMPLETION How do I complete training (change from Active to Complete)?   How do I cancel or remove training from my transcript?   How do I view or print my certificate of completion?     TROUBLESHOOT Experiencing an issue with the courseware?     AUTHORIZED TRAINING CENTER  |  INSTRUCTOR-LED TRAINING   GETTING STARTED How do I sign up for Instructor-Led Training?   What is the cost to take an Instructor-Led Training?   How do I reschedule or cancel my Instructor-Led Training registration?     POST COMPLETION How do I submit my Post Training Evaluation?   How do I view my past completions?     CERTIFICATION  |  PEARSON VUE  |  CERTMETRICS   GETTING STARTED What certifications are offered by Palo Alto Networks?   How do I register for a certification exam?   How do I prepare for a certification exam?   What does it cost to take a certification exam?   What are the reschedule and cancellation policies?   What are the ID requirements to take an exam?   Does Palo Alto Networks offer ESL accommodations?   Does Palo Alto Networks offer customer exam vouchers?     MY PROFILE How do I change the name on my certificate?  How do I move my certificates to a different account or email address?   How do I edit my Pearson VUE or CertMetrics profile information?     POST COMPLETION What is the Exam Retake Policy?   How do I download the certificate of completion for an exam?   How do I download my Digital Badge or Logo?   How do I check my exam score?   When does my certification expire?     OTHER Instant Answers to Promotional Gifts Questions      
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