Certifications and TAC Training (Bonus Episode 15)

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Do you want the world to recognize how awesome you are at securing networks? Or, are you looking to break into the cybersecurity industry by supporting customers in a phenomenal company?


Jason and Mitch introduce you to two innovative leaders at Palo Alto Networks who share insights on how to achieve these goals in this bonus episode of Learning Happy Hour!


Click the arrow icon [ ↗ ] in the lower, right-hand corner of the video to watch the Learning Happy Hour episode in a new window and search the video in the full video player. 


Did you know you can take a certification exam while at our user conference (Ignite)? Well, you can!


We also offer preperation sessions at the conference that complement the free PCCSA, PCNSA, and PCNSE study resources (videos, guides, quizzes). Please come and learn with us @ Ignite!!


Episode Resources:

Closing the Gaps in User-ID

Instructor Led & Onsite Training

Digital Learning

Study Guides & Practice Tests

Contact email for the TAC Academy: tac-academy@paloaltonetworks.com


Episode Feedback:



Episode Timeline:

00:00 Introduction

02:16 Interview with Shaktiman Kumar begins

02:47 Shakti's role @ Palo Alto Networks

04:35 "We're hiring ALOT!"

06:37 Shaktis memorable student success

09:45 Demonstrate skills by passing PCCSA/PCNSA/PCNSE certifications

10:25 Favorite topic in the training

10:47 Candidate impressions

11:35 How to join the TAC Academy

11:54 Final words with Shakti

12:30 Interview with Maurilio Gorito begins

12:41 Maurilio's role @ Palo Alto Networks

13:05 Insights into certification question creation

15:00 Tips for exam study

16:47 PCCSA certification

17:10 PCNSA certification

17:33 PCNSE certification

18:22 Certification prep resources

19:40 Certification news and info

20:55 Final words with Maurilio

21:10 Certification testing @ ignite


Music: https://www.purple-planet.com

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