DNS Sinkhole and DNS Security Service (Episode 13) Learning Happy Hour

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Protecting DNS is a must! In this episode of Learning Happy Hour, we explain why this is important and some of the DNS protections in the firewall, including a demo with Mitch. We are joined by Bob Ross who teaches us how to draw a whiteboard on DNS Sinkhole, and Martin Walter (Product Line Manager) joins us as well to explain the new DNS Security Service in PAN-OS 9.0. 

(NOTE: We will be releasing Martin's full interview next week.)  Secure your DNS!


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Episode Resources:

New DNS Security Service (9.0) datasheet

Joe's Tutorial on DNS Sinkhole

Configure DNS Sinkhole from Admin Guide

Mitch's Autotagging and Sinkhole

Mitch's What We Learned

Jason's What We Learned




Hello guys,


First of all it is huge glad to watch you all  for this good presentation :) I wanna ask a question about DNS tunnel detection and DGA detection. Are theese features new on 9.0 version? If yes, how to prevent theese malicious traffic on older version? If no, what is difference between older version and 9.0



Previous versions provide DNS protections and signatures but only PAN-OS 9.0 provides the new DNS Security Service that detects DGAs (as well as other things) using the power of the cloud.  The service also requires an additional license. For a fuller explanation, we just released a new episode dedicated to it (Episode 16: https://live.paloaltonetworks.com/t5/Learning-Happy-Hour-Articles/Protect-The-DANGEROUS-NAME-SERVICE..._) Hope this helps!