Protect The DANGEROUS NAME SERVICE (Episode 16)

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This is an action-packed episode of Learning Happy Hour!


Jason demonstrates the dangers of DNS with DNSExfiltrator and the hazards of bad headphones. We then explore the many counter-measures and protections available in PAN-OS 9.0, including a demonstration of the new DNS Security Service. Go cloud! 


We learn how App-ID, threat signatures, and cloud-delivered security create powerful combo-punches in the fight against DNS abuse! In our WWL (What We Learned) segment, Mitch warns of us the resurgence of mirai botnet, and Jason talks about the value of "simulations" in learning.


We hope you enjoy this episode, and we hope the demonstrations here give you new insight into how to protect the DANGEROUS NAME SERVICE! 


Click the arrow icon [ ↗ ] in the lower, right-hand corner of the video to watch the Learning Happy Hour episode in a new window and search the video in the full video player. 


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