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Welcome to the MineMeld discussion forum. Please feel free to ask questions and engage with other community members. Ideas, questions, research, and observations regarding MineMeld are all actively encouraged.

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Deploying Minemeld Using Vagrant and Virtualbox

Hello All, Based on @lmori's great guide for doing a manual install of Minemeld on Ubuntu 14.04, I have taken his configurations and wrapped them in a Vagrantfile for easy foolproof deployment of Minemeld. It's a simple 3 step process: Install latest...

nbilal by L3 Networker
  • 2 replies

Resolved! IP addresses disappearing from miner

Hello, I've created a miner to add IP address based on stdlib.listIPv4Generic and class minemeld.ft.local.YamlIPv4FT. Default configuration (just cloned). This week, some IP addresses just disappeared from this miner. We added an IP address to the mi...

Pro active monitoring for routing table

Hello, We have faced problem where routing table is full and we had an outage where customer were unable to access Internet for specific sites. We asked for syslog or SNMP traps on it but we received as of now, there is no provision to monitor it. We...

File minemeld-web.conf doesn`t exist

I`m looking for file minemeld-web.conf into /etc/nginx/sites-available/minemeld-web.conf directory but it doesnt exist, there`s only default file. I need to change HTTPS services to HTTP I installed the super fast setup from the site https://live.pal...

vhgambit by L1 Bithead
  • 1 replies

Resolved! Engine error after reboot

My Minemeld system is failing to start, giving an engine error. The last it,e in the log is 2017-11-18T17:38:06 (2843)launcher._run_chassis ERROR: Exception in chassis main procedureTraceback (most recent call last): File "/opt/minemeld/engine/0.9.44...

deanm by L2 Linker
  • 3 replies

Resolved! Logs Retention on MineMeld

Hello, I want to change the log retention on MineMeld. It looks that the default configuration is 7 days. I was not able to find where to change this parameter. Can you please help?

Resolved! MineMeld - Office 365 - How can I disable miners?

I am working on Office 365 control and I have discovered that MineMeld seems to be the best way to do this. To that end, I have set up a MineMeld server and imported the PAN-provided script for Office 365. There are some Office 365 features that we d...

Soltra Edge Feed to Minemeld Question

Hello, I am having some trouble pulling a feed from a Soltra Edge (NH-ISAC) into a local minemeld instance and I am not entirely sure how to go about troubleshooting it since the visibile errors with the minemeld console are a unfamiliar to me. Based...

Miner to collect Microsoft Public IP space

Hi Luigi, I need to create a miner on MineMeld containing all Microsoft Public IP addresses. Any plans to add a miner for it?The URL source is https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=53602 The file is in CSV format. I noticed you cre...

Resolved! MineMeld hanging after reboot

Dear Luigi, We are having a lot of issues with MineMeld, I hope you can help. We are deploying MineMeld with our customers on their own vmware environment in a DMZ zone with NO DHCP. I know you prefer to use AutoFocus, MineMeld in AWS, MineMeld on Ub...

2017-11-09 13_35_21-New notification.png
2017-11-09 14_18_15-Photos.png
2017-11-09 14_24_14-Settings.png
2017-11-09 14_24_37-Settings.png
mr.linus by L4 Transporter
  • 1 replies

Minemeld upload feeds from otx AlienVault

Hi, I just trying to figure out how correctly add miners from OTX AlienVault. The main Issue is when I added threat feed or any indicators from different groups or AV user, it always stuck with error "collection error - not found". Using prototype so...

Decent IPv6 miner

Hello all, We use MineMeld with our PA firewalls at work, so I thought I'd try it at home as well, and it was easy to integrate with my OpenBSD PF firewall. Lots of high-quality IPv4 address and subnets to block! However, I also run IPv6 at home and ...

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