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The following are different solutions (but not limited) to provide visibility into Prisma Access deployment.   Panorama Bandwidth Utilization on Service Connection and Remote Networks: Navigate to Panorama > Cloud Services > Status > Monitor > Service Connection/Remote Networks. The click on Region of interest. This will show a pop-up window with Status of the regions. Click on Statistics on bottom to see bandwdith utilization Viewing User Count from the Panorama Web Interface for different locations and deployments Using CLI commands on Panorama: request plugins 'cloud_services gpcs remote-active-users-count' request plugins 'cloud_services gpcs remote-90days-users-count' debug plugins 'cloud_services gpcs query action <action_type>' API Calls XML API for remote-active-user-count: https://<panorama-ip-address>/api/?type=op&cmd=<request><plugins><cloud_services><prisma-access><remote-active-users-count></remote-active-users-count></prisma-access></cloud_services></plugins></request>&key=<Panorama's -API-Key> XML API for remote-90days-users-count: https://<panorama-ip-address>/api/?type=op&cmd=<request><plugins><cloud_services><prisma-access><remote-90days-users-count></remote-90days-users-count></prisma-access></cloud_services></plugins></request>&key=<Panorama's -API-Key> Cortex XDR Integration. Example playbook SLR Report and ACC tab on Panorama for security insight into the deployment Email Forwarding of critical logs. For example, to slack channel for operation teams Log forwarding to syslog server to graph/dashboard different statistics but not limited to User distribution across gateways IP assignment Configure Netflow on your on-prem devices against tunnels created for Service Connections or Remote Networks to view bandwidth utilization
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