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Dear Customers,


In December 2019, we introduced host, container, and serverless security capabilities via the new Compute tab in Prisma Cloud. Today, we have two important updates to share with you.


1. The Compute tab upgrade option is now available!

Since our December launch, we've published new maintenance releases for Prisma Cloud Compute and minor bug fixes. You can find a list of these updates along with our release notes here. We recommend upgrading to the newest release as soon as possible.


Here are some highlights about the new upgrade button that will be available soon:

  • If your Compute Console version is out of date, you will see a banner at the top when you click on the Compute tab with instructions on how to upgrade.
  • Prior to upgrading, please be aware that after upgrading your Console, you must also upgrade ALL deployed Defenders in order to match the version between Console and Defenders.


2. Licensing update

  • Starting February 2020, every Prisma Cloud Host/VM Defender deployed in an AWS EC2, Azure VM, or GCP GCE will account for one additional Enterprise Edition workload license, in addition to the one license for Prisma Cloud.
  • Refer to the pricing & edition guide for details.


Please reach out to your customer success team if you have any questions. 


Thank you,

The Prisma Cloud Team

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