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Welcome to Prisma Cloud, Microsegmentation (CNS: Microseg)!


Identity-Based Microsegmentation is a Cloud Network Security solution that helps you see how applications communicate, enforce identity-based defenses on hosts and containers, and stop lateral movement of threats. Security teams can reduce risk without changing the network. DevOps and cloud infrastructure teams can embrace the cloud without worrying about security slowing down rapid release cycles.


In the Integrate phase, you are enabling your teams to take action using workflows that make the most sense for your business!

Your steps for this phase are the following:


  1.  You will configure your Alerts to:

    1. Analyze Flow Logs

    2. Analyze Event Logs

    3. Analyze DNS Lookup Logs

    4. Analyze Enforcer Logs

    5. Analyze Connection exceptions.


  1.  This is all done by ensuring the system is monitoring for:

    1. Activities and Alarms outside the defined acceptable parameters for data incoming from the above flow logs.


  1.  Send Alert Notifications Through Email

  1. Set up a custom message for your email notification template. 

  1. Select AlertsNotification Templates.

  2. Add New notification template, and choose Email template.

  3. Enter a Template Name.

  4. Enter a Custom Note.

B.  Select AlertsAlert Rules and either Create an Alert Rule for Run-Time Checks or select an existing rule to edit.

C.  On the Set Alert Notification page for the alert rule, select Email.

D.  Enter or select the Emails for which to send the alert notifications.

E.  Select your custom email Template, if you have one.

F.  Set the Frequency at which to send email notifications.

G. Specify whether to include an attachment to the email.

H. Save the new alert rule or Confirm your changes to an existing alert rule.

I   Verify the alert notification emails.

4.  For other Integrations:








To set up an integration:



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