Prisma Cloud Product Update: Unified UX

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To continue providing a consistent and integrated experience across all our products, we’ve released a unified UX for Prisma Cloud:


  1. The URLs to access Prisma Cloud have changed:
    While we recommend you update your URLs, redirects are in place to minimize interruption of ongoing workflows and automation scripts.


  2. Change in authentication for non-SSO users
    We’ve integrated with the Palo Alto Networks login service, so if you’re currently not using a third-party identity provider for single sign-on (SSO), you only need one set of credentials to access all your products, services, support, and collateral.

    This will not affect anyone currently using third-party SSO to access the Prisma Cloud application. However, this change does affect non-SSO users who access it directly with a username and password. We’ve exchanged local credential access as well as the "forgot" and "change password" processes for a more robust login flow.

    Non-SSO users will now need to log in via the Palo Alto Networks login page:

    • The Prisma Cloud application will redirect you to the Palo Alto Networks login page.
    • After authentication, all single-tenant users will be redirected to the application.
    • If you have multiple tenants within the same region, you’ll be redirected to the Palo Alto Networks Hub, which will let you choose which tenant to log in to

    If you haven’t set up an account yet, you’ll be able to do so by clicking “Forgot Password?” on the new sign-in page.


    If you’re currently using username and password for automation purposes via our APIs, please refer to the section below on "API Access Keys."


  3.  The Palo Alto Networks Hub

    The hub shows all the products you’re authorized to use in an easy-to-navigate dashboard to give you better visibility of your overall security posture.

  4. API Access Keys
    We have implemented API access keys, providing system administrators the ability to grant or revoke users’ access key permissions to communicate with our APIs.

    Existing username and password-based automations will not be immediately disabled. Your automations will continue to work; however, we strongly recommend you adopt new access keys for more secure access.

    Our intention is to sunset local passwords altogether from Prisma Cloud in a few months. We’ll send reminders to those using username and password-based automation to switch over to access keys before deprecating local passwords to ensure your business remains uninterrupted.

For additional information, please watch: 

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