Prisma Cloud Products and Customer Success Webinars

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Prisma Cloud Product and Customer Success: Webinar Recordings


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Jan. 2021
Join us this month to get insight into the latest release of Prisma Cloud Enterprise including our Cloud Security Posture Management, and Cloud Workload Protection Platforms. The Prisma Cloud Product Management team will present a overviews and hands-on demos of the new features we’ve added in the latest major release, such as Web-Application and API Security (WAAS) updates, host security, container security, and shift-left enhancements in Prisma Cloud Compute (CWPP), as well as Alarm Center updates in Prisma Cloud Enterprise (CSPM).
Dec. 2020
The new Prisma Cloud IAM Security module is an industry-leading CIEM solution. it automatically calculates effective permissions across cloud service providers, detects overly permissive access and suggests corrections to reach least privilege entitlements. Join the IAM PM team (Bar Schwartz, Shaked Zin) as they present a hands-on demo of the new module.
Nov. 2020
New Prisma Cloud DevOps Inventory UI is coming in 20.11.2! Join us to learn to configure this UI as well as brand new "build" alert rules. In addition, we will talk about drift detection, and sign up interested customers for the upcoming design partner program. The microsegmentation private beta is released on Prisma Cloud! Join us for a walk thru of the product and how it will fit into the Cloud Network Security module. Learn how you can visualize and secure communications in kubernetes, between VMs and/or containers, using identity. We will also talk about how to identify customers that would be a good fit for the private beta.
Oct. 2020
Introducing Prisma Cloud Compute 20.09, the latest update to our Cloud Workload Protection Platform. Join the Compute PM team (Aqsa Taylor, Avi Shulman, Hari Srinivasan, Tomer Spivak, and Pradnesh Patil) as they present a hands-on demo of the new features we’ve added in the latest major release, such as cluster aware radar, git repo scanning, enhanced host security, and Compute SaaS integration in Prisma Cloud Enterprise Edition.
Sep. 2020
Learn about what is new in the upcoming Prisma Cloud Compute Release - Enhanced cluster awareness across the product, more integrated Cloud Account onboarding process between Compute and the Prisma Cloud platform, our first step in securing packages prior to build time with GIT repository scanning, an enhanced look to our Host security and our new and improved application firewall capability, transitioning CNAF into WAAS (Web Application and API Security).
Aug. 2020  Learn about the recent releases and the product roadmap
July 2020  Autofocus Integration (Network Security) & Micro-secementation
Jun. 2020 Brief  preview of upcoming  Data Security module and Q&A about Data security
May  2020 Learn about the recent releases and the roadmap
Apr. 2020 For developers & DevOps: tools to use natively in their IDE, Git and CICD environments; and Prisma Cloud - Compute integration features
Mar. 2020 Malware — Investigate and Remediate
Feb. 2020 Malware — Incident and Impact
Jan. 2020 Upcoming New Features in Prisma Cloud
Dec. 2019 Prisma Cloud + TwistLock Integration
Nov. 2019 Learning to manage alerts
Oct. 2019 Learning to use RQL


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