Prisma Cloud Release Notes For April 7, 2020

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Prisma Cloud Release Notes For April 7, 2020


New Features

Keyword Search the JSON Payload Within Event Window
On the Prisma Cloud management console, you can now search the event payload within the JSON directly in the event window, without having to copy the payload to a clipboard.


Additional Context for IP Addresses in Usual User Activity Alerts.
For alerts triggered by the unusual user activity anomaly policy on Prisma Cloud, you now have additional context on whether the IP address matched on a threat feed. The 
Additional Context
 column displays the category for the IP address so that you can quickly figure out which alerts to pay attention to and act on.


API Ingestion Update
  • The 
     API augments the postgresql ingestion to bring in JSON data about the firewall rules.


  • The new API is added to ingest AWS Database Migration Service —
  • To enable auto-remediation for AWS CloudTrail, you must update the CFT and enable permission for the newly added permissions:
  • ec2:ModifySnapshotAttribute
  • cloudtrail:UpdateTrail

New Policies and Policy Updates

Azure Monitoring log profile is not configured to export activity logs
Identifies Azure accounts that do not have at least one monitoring log profile configured to export all activity logs.
Policy Updates
Remediation CLI is added to 
GCP Storage log buckets have object versioning disabled
 policy, and this policy is now a 
 Prisma Cloud Default policy.
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