Prisma Cloud Release Notes for May 23, 2019

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New Features

CSV Download of Config Data
You can now download details in a CSV format to analyze Config events offline. Enter your RQL query on the Investigate page on the Redlock admin console to download the results as a .zip file.
Tenable Integration for GCP accounts
RedLock service now supports the Tenable integration on Google Cloud Platform.This integration provides additional context around vulnerabilities identified in your GCP workloads to help you prioritize alerts. For example, you can address high severity vulnerabilities on hosts that are internet facing and are receiving malicious traffic ahead of other types of hosts.
CLI Variables for Automated Remediation
When you define a custom policy with auto-remediation, you can now see the variables that are available for use in the CLI commands.
Auto Suggestion for json.rule attribute in Event RQL
To help you easily build Event RQL queries, you can see automatic suggestions for the attribute json.rule when used with the operation attribute. Auto suggest works with the operators and IN.
Auto Suggestion not Avialable. Use cloud.type.png
API Ingestion
Prisma Cloud now ingests the following new Azure services to help build Config queries:
  • azure-app-service
  • azure-kubernetes-cluster
Classification of Microsoft Azure ELBs
Microsoft Azure Load Balancers are now classified as Azure ELB.

Policy Updates

AWS Lambda Function is not assigned to access within VPC
Identifies the AWS Lambda functions which do not have access within the VPC.
GCP Project audit logging is not configured properly across all services and all users in a project
Identifies the GCP projects in which cloud audit logging is not configured properly across all services and all users.


This information was adapted from a TechDocs article. For more information about the release notes or to view other release notes, please visit Features Introduced on May 23, 2019.

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