Prisma Cloud Release Notes For November 20, 2019

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Features Introduced on November 20, 2019



New Features

Prisma Cloud Compute for Securing Hosts, Containers, and Serverless Deployments

To supplement the visibility and compliance assurance that Prisma Cloud already provides for your public cloud infrastructure, it now enables you to identify vulnerabilities, detect anomalous behavior and provide least privilege micro-segmentation for hosts, containers, and serverless functions across the entire application lifecycle from Continuous Integration and Continuous Development (CICD) to runtime.

The new Compute tab available with the Prisma Cloud Enterprise Edition license gives you the ability to deploy Prisma Cloud Defenders on hosts, containers and serverless environments to manage vulnerabilities, detect anomalies, ensure compliance, and provide runtime defense in a heterogenous environments including Windows, Linux, Kubernetes, OpenShift, AWS Lambda, Azure Functions, GCP Cloud Functions among others. From the Prisma Cloud administrative console, you can now perform security checks and review results from the CICD pipeline through to runtime across your hybrid or multi-cloud environments.

Prisma Cloud ComputePrisma Cloud Compute

The Compute tab will be rolled out gradually between now and early December 2019.

The documentation for the host, container, and serverless functions available on the Compute tab are in Prisma Cloud Administrator’s Guide (Compute). Documentation for all the other capabilities included with the Prisma Cloud Enterprise and Business Edition licenses are in the Prisma Cloud Administrator’s Guide.


For more information, review Prisma Cloud Release Notes in TechDocs.

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