Prisma Cloud Release Notes For September 18, 2019

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Prisma Cloud Release Notes For September 18, 2019


New Features

Support for Network investigation of GCP Resources in a Shared VPC Model

A shared VPC on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) allows centralized management of network and firewall resources across projects within a GCP organization. If you are using the Shared VPC model and have service projects that are using shared VPC network and firewall rules, you can now view the traffic flow between VMs in different service projects on the Investigate page.


Prisma Cloud Web Interface Investigate TabPrisma Cloud Web Interface Investigate Tab


API Ingestion Updates

Prisma Cloud has added coverage for the API:


API Deprecation
aws-elasticache-security-groups is deprecated.


Support for AWS Bahrain

Prisma Cloud can now monitor resources deployed in the AWS Bahrain (me-south-1) region.



Policy Updates

AWS Multiple Lambda Functions using same IAM role Identifies when multiple Lambda functions use same IAM role as this violates the best practice of the principle of least privilege.


For more information or other release notes, please visit the TechDocs article: Prisma Cloud Release Notes.

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