Prisma Cloud Release Notes October 16, 2019

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Features Introduced on October 16, 2019


New Features

Alert Dismissal Restrictions

Prisma Cloud system administrators with the System Admin role can now specify whether other administrators who belong to a different role can dismiss or resolve alerts. When Restrict alert dismissal is enabled, only the System Admin role has the permissions to manage alerts triggered for policies defined by System Administrators. The Account Group Admin and Account and Cloud Provisioning Admin roles cannot dismiss or resolve these alerts.

Prisma Cloud Alert Dismissal RestrictionPrisma Cloud Alert Dismissal Restriction



Policy Updates

AWS RDS DB cluster encryption is disabled Identifies Aurora database clusters for which data-at-rest encryption is disabled
AWS Route53 Public Zone with Private Records Identifies a risky configuration where AWS Route 53 Public Hosted Zones contain DNS records for private IP addresses or resources within your AWS account.
GCP Firewall Rules Allow Inbound Traffic from Anywhere with no Target Tags Set Identifies GCP Firewall rules that allow inbound traffic from anywhere, and is restricted or filtered access to limit access for specified targets only.
Policy Removed VPC Endpoints were not used for Consuming S3 storage from within the VPC This policy has been removed, and is no longer mapped to the compliance standards available on Prisma Cloud.


For more information, please review the release notes in TechDocs for October 16, 2019.

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