Opening a Prisma SaaS Support Request


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Information to Gather When Opening a Prisma SaaS Support Request


Many Prisma SaaS support requests revolve around policy. For example "I have a policy that should have resulted in an incident but something else happened." The support request is logged, gets assigned to an engineer, then that engineer responds by asking for some basic information then maybe requests some clarification,


We can reduce some of the early back and forth by gathering some information when the support case is submitted. This has the potential of reducing the turnaround time significantly.



Information You Can Gather


Tenant Name

Your tenant name is usually the domain name in the email address of the initial super admin. For example, a tenant setup for will be "mycompany." This gives the engineer handling your support case a first step towards where to start researching. 


Asset ID

Providing the Asset ID helps the engineer get crucial metadata around that asset. Often times, just a sample or two will be very helpful in speeding along the research. The Asset ID is the string of characters at the end of the URL when an asset is selected in the Prisma SaaS user interface.

Prisma SaaS Asset ID.png


Prisma SaaS Asset selected from Explore tab.png


Policy Information

  • Data patterns involved: It helps to know if the policy is built from predefined or custom data patterns.
  • SaaS applications: What SaaS applications are involved? Is this happening with only one or is it true for all? A short list can provide lots of insight.
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