Prisma SaaS Troubleshooting Reference Guide.

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Prisma SaaS Troubleshooting Reference.

The purpose of the attached document is to provide a quick reference on how to resolve some common issues that Prisma SaaS Admins may encounter in their daily administration of their Prisma SaaS tenant.


The document also provides links to various topics in Prisma SaaS Admin Guide which makes it easier to quickly access topics of interest without having to search for them.


The document should not preclude customers from opening support cases as they may deem necessary, but it is expected to serve as a quick reference to commonly reported concerns which may not require a support case to address. 


The document will have revised versions that will be uploaded from time to time as new features are added to Prisma SaaS and changes to workflows are implemented. It is devoid of bug related issues that cannot be resolved by customers.


The following are some topic areas covered.


  • Admin Authentication (Pg 4)
  • Directory Service (Pg 6)
  • External Services (Pg 8
  • Wildfire (Pg 10)
  • Reporting (Pg 14)
  • SaaS Visibility (Pg 16)
  • Incidents (Pg 18)
  • Quarantine (Pg 21)
  • Snippet (Pg 24)
  • Scanning (Pg 26)
  • Data Pattern (Pg 30)
  • Asset, Policy Rule and Data Pattern ID (Pg 32)
  • Useful links (Pg 36)


Please provide your feedback on the usefulness of the document.