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The new Sort By File Owner feature allows you to sort incidents by the name of the file owner. 

You can filter incidents in Prisma SaaS by using the file owner name, but you just might see the same owner name over and over again. Is it the same person? Sometimes the answer is no. The owner might have a name like John Smith. The name is listed several times but they're different people. How to identify the right owner?

Filter Prisma SaaS Incidents by owner nameFilter Prisma SaaS Incidents by owner name


The file owner may be using different accounts

We can see in the example below that Adrian Hodge is a file owner using different email addresses.


Prisma SaaS examples of users with same owner name and different email addresses.png

Identify the email address for the asset owner

Go to Explore > Incidents > Assets

Click on the desired asset name and follow the link for the asset owner.


Prisma SaaS select the asset.png
Prisma SaaS follow the asset for the owner.png

Copy the email address and paste into the Incident filter criteria. The assets associated with that email address will be displayed in a few moments when the page refreshes. 

Prisma SaaS filter Incidents by email address.png

Please note that currently you can search up to 30 asset owners at a time.



  • Please check this feature frequently for improvements
  • Currently this feature supports forward scanning only
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